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Поршни кованые JE Pistons 296932 Asymmetrical FSR 86.5mm 8.5:1 2JZ-GTE

  • Производитель: JE
  • Артикул: 296932
  • Наличие: Есть в наличии

Комплект кованных поршней JE Pistons ASYMMETRICAL FSR для двигателей Toyota 2JZ-GTE

P/N 296932

Диаметр 86.5mm
СЖ 8.5:1

Новая ассиметричная серия FSR

What is asymmetrical?

Asymmetrical, by definition, means "not symmetrical". The new asymmetrical forged pistons from JE utilize two different sized piston skirts, so are identified as an "asymmetrical" piston design.

Why are asymmetrical pistons better?

FACT: The two skirts of a piston do not experience the same amount of mechanical loading. During the firing cycle, the load exerted on one piston skirt, referred to as the "major thrust side," can be up to 10 times higher than the load experienced by the opposing skirt, referred to as the "minor thrust side." The disparity in skirt loading can vary in magnitude depending on key variables including the engine's stroke, rod length, and peak cylinder pressure.

JE's asymmetrical pistons are the only aftermarket pistons designed to specifically handle the dissimilar mechanical loads experienced by both piston skirts. The resulting piston design features a large skirt area on the heavily loaded "major thrust side" and a small skirt area on the less loaded "minor thrust side". Overall, the piston design is stronger, yet lighter than previous designs.

Why haven't I seen an asymmetrical design before?

Today, asymmetrical piston designs can be found in many professional level racing engines competing in Formula 1, ALMS, NASCAR and more. Most of these engine programs are kept secret and not revealed to the public. Many automobile manufacturers have taken notice to the success of asymmetrical designs and recently began integrating asymmetrical piston designs in their own production engines. JE Pistons, who currently supplies several professional teams with asymmetrical pistons, identified the need to bring the "professional level" features to the rest of the performance marketing and began designing the first aftermarket asymmetrical forging.

Will they clear my oil squirters?

Yes. In fact, JE's engineering department created a computerized 3D model of all factory oil squirters during the design of the asymmetrical pistons to ensure proper clearance. Furthermore, the design of the forging allows for the oil to spray in the correct position to keep the pistons cool. Be cautious with other piston designs that require the oil squirters to be removed or block the oil from spraying in the manufacturers intended location.

What about piston balance? Do the different skirt sizes cause the weight to vary side to side?

All JE asymmetrical pistons utilize an offset wrist pin toward the major thrust side. By moving the pin toward the larger skirt, the balance of the piston on the wrist pin axis is nearly perfect. The offset, balanced piston reduces noise, increases piston stability, and helps ring seal.

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